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Rico Verhoeven (1989) was born and raised in The Netherlands. Already started practicing martial arts at the age of 7 and currently signed with the world’s biggest kickboxing promoter GLORY, he is a force to be reckoned with. In 1996, Verhoeven started training kickboxing. A natural at it, he made his professional debut in the ring at the age of sixteen. Over the years Verhoeven has grown through fights against some of the world’s greatest fighters. Resulting in becoming the undisputed and reighning GLORY Heavyweight World Champion since 2013. Rico is known for his powerful and athletic build, sympathetic character and marketable looks. With the mind of a mature fighter and the body of a young athlete, Verhoeven gains an extremely favorable future perspective.

Role model

Besides his great achievements as a professional athlete, Rico is a loving father of two daughters and a son. He is a much sought-after personality. His marketable looks and character, added with his speaking skills makes him very appealing for several partnerships. He appeared in various Radio & TV shows, movies, documentaries, series, commercials, magazines, vlogs and events.

Reaching the top did not go without a fight, hence the story behind Rico’s success is one that needs to be told. Consequently in 2017 his biography was published in a book with the applicable title ˜RICO”. The incredible story about Rico Verhoeven was widely embraced by the public, bombarding the book to a #1 bestseller. Rico is frequently booked as a public speaker for several businesses and organisation ranging from NGO’s to non-profit organisations and from professional football teams to youngsters. A story about his road to success, his mind-set, tips and tricks and much more.

Acting ambitions

Rico’s natural communication talent also led him to his first steps in the world of acting, including several appearances in TV series and acting roles in Hollywood movies such as Ferdinand (Dutch voice over of the main character Ferdinand the Bull) and a part in Jean-Claude van Damme’s Kickboxing Retaliation.

Due to his healthy lifestyle and discipline Rico Verhoeven has realized great things, but he believes that anyone can achieve his or her goals. Therefore, Rico has launched “The Winners Workout”, a platform that promotes a mental and physical healthy lifestyle for anyone that is striving to implement this in their daily lives. The Winners Workout is also available as a mobile app for iOs and Google Play.

This is is just the beginning of a much more successful future.

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