The King Of Kickboxing

Rico Verhoeven (1989) was born and raised in The Netherlands. Already started practicing martial arts at the age of 7 and currently signed with the world's biggest kickboxing promoter Glory, he is a force to be reckoned with. In 1996, Verhoeven started training kickboxing. A natural at it, he made his debut in the ring at the age of Sixteen. Over the years Verhoeven has grown through fights against some of the world's greatest fighters. Resulting in becoming the undisputed Glory Heavyweight World Champion in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, now nicknamed The King of Kickboxing. Rico is known for his powerful and athletic build, sympathetic character and marketable looks. With the mind of a mature fighter and the body of a young athlete, Verhoeven gains an extremely favorable future perspective.

Fight Videos

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Fight Record

This is my full fight record with all the numbers.

Fight Record

Fight: Glory Collision III: Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 23 October 2021Location: Arnhem (The Netherlands)Result: WIN (TKO)
Fight: Glory 77 vs. Hesdy GergesDate: 30 January 2021Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WINFight 2: Glory 77 vs. Tarik KhbabezDate: 30 January 2021Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN (TKO)
Fight: Glory Collision II: Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate:  22 December 2019Location:  Gelredome, Arnhem (The Netherlands)Result:  WIN
Fight: Glory 59: Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 29 September 2018Location: Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 54: Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 2 June 2018Location: Genting Arena, Birmingham (United Kingdom)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory Redemption: Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 9 December 2017Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 46Date: 14 October 2017Location: Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou (China)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 41Date: 20 May 2017Location: Brabant Hallen, 'S Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory CollisionDate: 10 December 2016Location: Konig Pilsner Arena, Oberhausen (Germany)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 33Date: 9 September 2016Location: Sun National Bank Center, Trenton (USA)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 28 Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 12 March 2016Location: Accorhotels Arena, Paris (France)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 26 Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 4 December 2015Location: Rai, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: RXF 20: Heavyweight Superfight (MMA)Date: 19 October 2015Location: Sibiu (Romania)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 22 Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 5 June 2015Location: Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille (France)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 19 Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 6 February 2015Location: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton Virginia (USA)Result: WIN
Fight: Kunlun Fight 15Date: 3 January 2015Location: Nanjing (China)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 17 Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 21 June 2014Location: LA Forum, Los Angeles (USA)Result: WIN
Fight: Mix Fight Boxing Gala XVDate: 26 April 2014Location: Darmstadt (Germany)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 13 Heavyweight World ChampionshipDate: 21 December 2013Location: Tokyo (Japan)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 11 Heavyweight World Championship. Tournament, FinalDate: 12 October 2013Location: Hoffman Estates, Illinois (USA)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 11 Heavyweight World Championship. Tournament, Semi-FinalDate: 12 October 2013Location: Hoffman Estates, Illinois (USA)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 9Date: 22 June 2013Location: New York City, New York (USA)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 7Date: 22 December 2019Location: Milan (Italy)Result: WIN
Fight: Glory 4 Heavyweight Grand Slam Tournament, Quarter FinalsDate: 31 December 2012Location: Saitama (Japan)Result: LOSS
Fight: Glory 4 Heavyweight Grand Slam Tournament, First RoundDate: 31 December 2012Location: Saitama (Japan)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 57 & 58Date: 30 June 2012Location: Brussels (Belgium)Result: WIN
Fight: K-1 World Max 2012 World Champ. Tournament Final 16, Super FightDate: 27 May 2012Location: Madrid (Spain)Result: WIN
Fight: Capital Punishment 5Date: 17 March 2012Location: Canberra (Australia)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2012Date: 28 January 2012Location: Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)Result: LOSS
Fight: Superkombat Fight Club 2012Date: 17 November 2011Location: Oradea (Romania)Result: WIN
Fight: Thaiboksgala Blokhuispoort KickboxingDate: 18 June 2011Location: Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Superkombat World Grand Prix I 2011Date: 21 May 2011Location: Bucharest (Romania)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2011Date: 6 March 2011Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: LOSS
Fight: It's Showtime 2010Date: 18 December 2010Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Ring Rage part 5Date: 9 October 2010Location: Assen (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2009Date: 12 September 2010Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2010Date: 29 May 2010Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2009Date: 21 November 2009Location: Barneveld (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2009Date: 24 October 2009Location: Lommel (Belgium)Result: LOSS
Fight: It's Showtime 2009Date: 29 August 2009Location: Gelredome, Arnhem (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: K-1 World GP 2009 Quarter FinalsDate: 11 August 2009Location: Tokyo (Japan)Result: LOSS
Fight: It's Showtime 2009Date: 16 May 2009Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2009Date: 18 March 2009Location: Antwerp (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2009Date: 14 March 2009Location: Milan (Italy)Result: WIN
Fight: It's Showtime 2008Date: 29 November 2008Location: Eindhoven (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: K-1 World GP 2008 Hawaii, Super FightDate: 9 August 2008Location: Honolulu, Hawaï (USA)Result: WIN
Fight: K-1 World GP 2008 Amsterdam, Opening FightDate: 26 April 2008Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: K-1 Max Netherlands 2008 Super FightDate: 17 February 2008Location: Utrecht (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Oss Muay ThaiDate: 16 December 2007Location: Oss (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Fight Night Veghel B Tournament, Quarter FinalsDate: 13 May 2007Location: Gelredome, Arnhem (The Netherlands)Result: LOSS
Fight: WFCA May Thai GalaDate: 24 March 2007Location: Roosendaal (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Top Team Beverwijk Muay Thai GalaDate: 15 October 2006Location: Beverwijk (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: K.O.C. IIIDate: 9 April 2006Location: Goes (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Thaiboxing GalaDate: 3 February 2006Location: Roosendaal (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Thaiboxing GalaDate: 26 November 2005Location: Roosendaal (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: Gala in ZonnehuisDate: 29 May 2005Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Result: WIN
Fight: ImpactDate: 30 April 2005Location: Roosendaal (The Netherlands)Result: WIN