The Entrepreneur

Building my brand

As an athlete you have a limited shelf life. Your career is at the mercy of so many factors you can’t control. Most athletes start thinking about a second career when it’s too late, unfortunately. I’ve always believed in taking control of my life and my career, so I decided to build a solid brand now and started exploring the craft of enterpeneurship.

The RV Brand

My first venture was my own: the RV brand. Under that banner I created a gym and merchandise line. We’re in the fifth season, and offer premium clothing, accessoiries, boxing gloves, to name a few.


The most asked question I get is how do I maintain my fitness. It’s no secret: a combination of having the right attitude, good nutrition and exercise. Teaching my “secret sauce” happened through sold-out live workshops and clinics throughout The Netherlands. Being fit and healthy is important, so I want to be in this business.

Becoming a Developer

Because you can only reach only so many people with live events, it was time to scale FytFyt. Becoming an App Developer was a whole different ball game. It gave me an opportunity to reach people who want to feel and become fitter all over the world. My App become the #1 fitness app on Apple and Android platform in The Netherlands. Now we’re taking FytFyt as a concept to a whole new level.

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Healthy Food

These days we all know that what you put in your body is essential to your well-being. With a healthy lifestyle you need healthy food, but I’m a picky eater, so it’s got to taste good! When Top Chef Eveline Wu asked if I was open to setting up a new Asian Fusion Street Food concept, going into the food business was a no-brainer. But with everything I do it can’t be just good, it has to be the best. Offering tasty (and of course healthy) food in a premium dining experience at prices everyone can afford is only the first step. The first location of Mood Street we’ve opened is in Eindhoven The Netherlands.

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