"Iconic and legendary - a legacy I aspire to build."

You cannot separate terms like heritage, legacy, legendary, iconic when you think of McLaren. I feel inspired by the brand when I grip the steering wheel. Thanks to my partner Louwman Exclusive I was able to make a boyhood dream come true.

Louwman Exclusive is a supplier of freedom and independence and enables people to fulfil their deepest desires. I am happy and thankful that I do not have to conform to the obligatory choices of the masses. Once I reached that level to afford such desires and stepped into the McLaren showroom in Utrecht I knew I had to follow my heart and listen to my inner voice that was yearning for that car with scissor doors. My McLaren is so much more than a car. It's pure racing history with cutting-edge technology in a sensational package. And yes.... even a person with my posture can fit comfortably in this supercar.