Rotterdam, November 20, 2023 – Rico Verhoeven Kicks Off a new era in payment with Knaken/Settle. Knaken/Settle’s innovative platform allows users to seamlessly convert their crypto portfolios into a functional checking account, providing unprecedented convenience for those who wish to navigate the world of digital assets effortlessly. With the ability to pay at favorite stores and online shops using a variety of cryptocurrencies, users can now leverage the power of their crypto holdings in their daily transactions.

As the face of Knaken/Settle, I will not only lend my image but also my trust in the platform. Just as I have conquered the world of kickboxing through skill and determination, I believe in the potential of Knaken/Settle to revolutionise the way people interact with their finances. With my endorsement I will emphasise the security, reliability, and user-friendly nature of the platform, making it an attractive option for both seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

I feel that in an era where digital currencies are gaining widespread acceptance, this partnership is a testament to the growing influence of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance. This collaboration not only elevates the profile of Knaken/Settle but also serves as a symbol of the changing landscape of payments, where traditional barriers are dismantled, and new possibilities emerge. More info about Knaken/Settle at