Amsterdam, November 7, 2023 – Rico Verhoeven introduces The Kickboxing Society, a high-energy fitness experience inspired by kickboxing training. Based on his extensive experience and unique training philosophy, the world champion presents a diverse lesson program that combines the core aspects of movement, nutrition, and mindset. With inspiring coaching and uplifting music, group workouts focus on strength, fitness, flexibility, and determination. The Kickboxing Society caters to both beginners and advanced sports enthusiasts who want to develop their physical and mental strength and pursue a healthy lifestyle without aspiring to enter the ring as professional fighters.

With the arrival of Rico Verhoeven as a partner, the chain, formerly known as the Kickboxing Institute, will now continue as The Kickboxing Society. Currently, there are eight club locations spread across the Netherlands. In January 2024, The Kickboxing Society will open its ninth location with a flagship establishment in the center of Rotterdam. The ambition is to open flagship locations in several major Dutch cities in the near future, followed by establishments abroad.

The Kickboxtraining Life
The Kickboxing Society offers a tailored full-body workout in a group setting for both beginners and more advanced sports enthusiasts, based on the kickboxing philosophy and training of Rico Verhoeven. The focus not only includes physical training under the guidance of experienced coaches but also aims to inspire and motivate individuals in the areas of nutrition and mental health. By combining strength, fitness, flexibility, and mental focus, “the kickboxtraining life” is made accessible to a wide audience, both inside and outside the gym.

Rico Verhoeven: “Last weekend, the packed Gelredome during my world title defence fight and record-breaking viewership once again demonstrated how popular kickboxing has become, especially among individuals without professional ambitions. The Kickboxing Society is a community where you keep coming back, receive professional guidance tailored to you, and work on not only your body but also your mindset.”

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