I’m happy to announce a partnership with MECOTEC, the world market leader in the development and manufacture of electrically operated cryo chambers. I owe part of my success to the rapid regeneration after competitions. Whole-body cold therapy in MECOTEC chambers is a core component.

A quick regeneration is the prerequisite for optimal performance and therefore an indispensable part of my sport. I am proud to recommend MECOTEC products and cryotherapy to athletes of all kinds, said Rico Verhoeven when signing the contract.

Enrico Klauer, CEO and founder of MECOTEC, says at the beginning of the partnership: “With Rico Verhoeven we have been able to win an extraordinary athlete who as a professional has relied on MECOTEC products for years. Professional sport and cold therapy can no longer be separated.”

The MECOTEC product range now includes five different electrically operated cold chamber models, the cryoair cold air devices for local cold therapy as well as special industrial solutions in the deep freezing area. MECOTEC products are used in professional and recreational sports as well as in the beauty sector. Cryotherapy has become indispensable in medicine.