Glory 26 vs Benjamin Adegbuyi

GLORY Fights, GLORY Title Fights

Opponent Benjamin Adegbuyi

Date 4 December, 2015


Result Win, KO

I felt a lot of tension and pressure on me this fight. In front of my own crowd my own country after five years finally a big event in Holland. Multiple factors played a part in this fight. Before I stepped on to the catwalk my legs felt heavy, but
I had to keep focus stepping on the catwalk seeing everyone on there feet, phones out…. This really made me feel like a Rockstar and I knew this fight was gonna be mine. Running towards the ring is just a thing I do. I’m so hyped and so ready to go into this fight. That extra round I ran around the ring was just my moment of joy, feeling the love the fans gave me. My opponent just had to wait, since I’m the champ and It’s my show!

And then to finish the whole thing with a KO within a 1,5 mins in Round 1….. That’s flawless…

I appreciate the love and support all the fans gave and still give me and thankful and grateful.

One love