Glory 17 vs Daniel Ghita

GLORY Fights, GLORY Title Fights

Opponent Daniel Ghita

Date 21 June, 2014


Result Win

The gloves are on, sharp pad work with Dennis Krauweel feeling like this is my night and the light is shinning on me. Final motivating words are being said by the team and yes music comes on this is my moment “All eyes on me”

Round 1
We touch gloves and this 5 round title fight started. We thought he was going to come and bring the fight to me but he just waited. That was a surprise and his conner kept on saying wait just wait. I was like… “Ok no problem just keep your hands up score points
and don’t go in without thinking because he is waiting for the counter”. He didn’t do much and I landed some clean shots and scored. 1 down 4 to go.

Round 2
Was about the same as nr 1. Me scoring points and Ghita waiting a lot to counter the attacks.

Round 3
Ghita is not trying to knock me out and push the fight so we pick the pace and bring it to him.

Round 4
His corner still telling Ghita to wait and counter me but did’t really understand why because the knock out power was gone and he lost at least 2 to 3 rounds.

Round 5
Championship round! Keep doing what you’re doing and you will win the fight, my trainer tells me right before I go in. Yes sir, good pace hard work solid shots and its all me tonight. Strangely enough I still hear the same coaching from his side to wait but Ghita is not listening and throwing back and forth with me. So he must have had a feeling he needed to do something to win this fight. He threw good middle kicks as you can see on the side of my back but 95% was blocked with my arms so nothing to worry about, my ribs or what ever are doing fine.

Result: 49-48 49-47 49-47 all for you winner…………ME!