Glory 11 vs Gökhan Saki

GLORY Fights

Opponent Gökhan Saki

Date 12 October, 2013


Result Win

A fight where nobody gave me a change to win so there was no pressure on me from the outside world. I was the underdog. Of course the people who I was training with believed I could win and so I did. But in my mind I raised the bar to another level. I thought to myself; “If nobody gives me a change I will show them what Rico is made off”. I was also sure Saki was underestimating me and my abilities, so I was already one step ahead. I was also sure I was the more dedicated and motivated fighter from the two of us. I eat/drink and sleep kickboxing this is my life and only two matches are in the way of my dream of becoming champion. The first one was Saki. Again tactical very strong make sure after the first or second punch we counter him with an inside low kick so he loses balans and it is not possible for him to keep throwing punches and combinations. Yet again this worked and without any doubt won the fight.