Boxing vs Janos Finfera


Opponent Janos Finfera

Date 24 April, 2014


Result Win, KO

Bell goes “1st Round” Hands up first lets feel his power. Ok after 30 seconds I left he didn’t have the power to scare me off. So we go to real boxing stands, left hand down right hand up. Quick movement good footwork and work of the jab to set up that right hand. My power was to much for him so every time he tried to get in close so I couldn’t land power punches. “End of 1st round Bell goes “2nd round Feeling confident that I can finish this fight within the 4 rounds scheduled. So I picked up the pace and started throwing more body shots and stronger punches but still technical. Then I after 1:30 MIN I hear Dennis say “Ok the technical part you showed. Now make a fight” That’s what I did and I hit him with a fake jab and right hook over the top straight to the tempel. He went down, the referee started counting but he wasn’t able to recover in time. “Yes my boxing debut was a succes KO 2nd round”