You know me as a guy who doesn’t like to make concessions about what I put into my body. I have a strict diet, but certain nutrients that I need are more difficult to get through that alone. So I take supplements as a good addition to my diet.

My body is everything to me. I work really hard and I expect only the best from myself. You get out what you put in. For this reason, I’m happy to announce my partnership with High End Nutrition! They provide a variety of sports nutrition products for athletes at every level. The ingredients packed in these products don’t compromise on quality — that’s why I like it!

The company is founded by ex-athlete and nutrition expert Tibor Koppers. I’m relieved to partner with a company founded by someone who really gets the industry and what athletes need. As you know I’m big on doping-free sports and I stand very firm on that. The guys at High End Nutrition are young, but dare to innovate and invest in only the best high-quality products. Concerning that, our visions align perfectly.

I’m looking forward to working with High End Nutrition!