Everything is shared online nowadays, but do we still do so offline with the people around us? Johnny Doodle has their #Milk Fudge & Brownie, the best of both worlds, to share a little bit of happiness with the people you care about. The unique, hashtag-shaped bar is available in a festive jacket, to which you can add your own personal message.

Online people often keep it short, but sweet. Nice and direct, and Johnny Doodle likes that too. So share with your dad his most embarrassing joke, with your sister the crazy nickname you had for her, or remind your best friend of your first meeting. You can put it on the front and back of the box; because #sharingiscaring. This way you share more with each other than just a nice piece of chocolate.

The #Milk Fudge & Brownie is the perfect gift, suitable for any occasion. Life is a party, and every day we have a reason to celebrate! And speaking of parties, Johnny Doodle celebrates the launch of his new product with a gigantic golden ticket win promotion in collaboration with me! I hid 10 Golden Tickets in the packaging of the #Milk Fudge & Brownie. The happy finders will win one of the special prizes: from tickets to my next fight, or also fun; your weight in chocolate.